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Cuyler has spent his life pursuing a creative outlet for his abilities. He continues his quest to expand his knowledge, experience, technique, and love of art. Early in his career, he was very influenced by Peter Max's use of color and animated style. In these last few years since 1996, the artist has been enormously influenced spiritually by his mother, Deborah F. Cuyler (1935 - 1986), and her painting, Van Gogh's use of texture and vibrancy, along with his own instincts for what works and what does not.

Attending the State University of New York at Binghamton, (SUNY) for three years, he focused on graphic design and drawing. In his second year, he took an interest in acting, which led him to attend the Trinity Rep Conservatory in Providence, R.I. he graduated two years later with a new outlook on life. In 1996, Cuyler started working in paints to better explore and emphasize his love of bold color, movement and expressionism. painting provides the artist with a means to feel grounded, balanced and continually growing as a creative person. Cuylerart has collectors across the US and Europe. 

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 D.F. CUYLER  1935 - 1986

I don't really have an artist's statement per se. I don't really see the need honestly. The ART should speak for itself. Especially Abstract Expressionism. Why should I complicate things by expounding on how or why I do what I do? I paint what I paint based on how I feel at that given moment, what music I happen to throw on that day and I try to paint organically, unfiltered, and from my heart. I do my best to present movement, emotion, energy, visual excitement and stimulation with my work. I feel painting from a totally organic place just has a tendency to simplify life. I never shy away from bold colors. I embrace them. Color is life! Color makes people FEEL! And FEELING as opposed to "UNDERSTANDING", is what I believe this life is all about. My mother, a great painter in her own right, used to say "WHAT IS IT ? " has never been a problem for me. Abstract painting only needs a willingness on the part of the viewer to see and respond - as we do to music which is pure abstraction. I would only add that, "WHY IS IT ? " has not been a problem for me either.

I paint to sooth my soul and balance my being. 

- Cuyler

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